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Our apologies for the inability to reach us.  We have had issues with both the phone and the website.  Hopefully they have all been resolved.  Our cell phone is 517/781-0273.



A quality Clydesdale breeding operation located in south central Michigan. Home to about 12 head of beautiful Clydesdale horses, this farm is internationally known for the excellence of animals produced. Armageddon Clydesdales was honored as Premier Exhibitor at the National Clydesdale Show for eleven consecutive years, that string of successes ending a few years ago. The Clydesdales are exhibited at hitch and halter, showing annually at the National Clydesdale Show, Wisconsin State Fair, the Michigan Great Lakes International and the Michigan Draft Horse Breeders Show.

The herd usually consists of a stallion, several brood mares and on average of four foals are currently being  produced annually. Most foals are sold at weaning time. There are usually a yearling, two and three year olds in the show string in addition to the breeding horses. Armageddon's hitch was an all home grown black clydesdale mare hitch.  We hitch for pleasure at home and show a cart from time to time currently.

The owners, Dr. Michael and Cheri Moleski, are active in both the state and national organizations. Michael was a long time Board Member of the Clydesdale Breeders of the United States and is a past President. Cheri is a past Board member of the Clydesdale Breeders of the US and  past President of the Michigan Draft Horse Breeders Association.

The 2013 show season was an unqualified success.  Armageddon's Lord Lazarus (pictured below) was named Grand Champion Stallion at the National Clydesdale Show and the Regional Show at the Wisconsin State Fair.  Lazarus has been owned since he was a foal by good friend Steve Jones of Topeka, Indiana, and was exhibited this year by Greenwood Farms.  Additionally, we were named Premier Clydesdale Exhibitor at the Wisconsin State Fair for the 14th time.  To top that we were awarded first prize Best Three Mares Bred and Owned by Exhibitor at the National Show for the 16th time!

We continue to show on a limited basis, the grandchildren being common participants in various showmanship classes.







Armageddon's Lord Lazarus  2/16/06

Solomon's Tim  x  Armageddon's Mistress Sabrina

2015 Grand Champion Stallion World Clydesdale Show

Grand Champion Stallion National Clydesdale Show 2013 and 2014

All American Aged Stallion 2013, 2014 and 2015

Grand Champion Stallion 2015 World Clydesdale Show


World Champion Junior Stallion Foal 2018 World Clydesdale Show

Armageddon's Lord Ashur  3/21/18

Westedge Major's Lucky  x  Armageddon's Mistress Adriel

Armageddon's Mistress Adriel was Reserve Grand Champion Mare at the 2009 National Clydesdale Show






At the 2013 National meeting of the Clydesdale Breeders of the United States, we were honored to be inducted as the newest members of the Heritage Hall of Fame.  This honor is accorded to those felt to have made very significant contributions to the Clydesdale breed and it's organization.  We were both surprised and more than pleased to be so honored, as you can tell by the picture below.





At the 2019 Michigan Draft Horse Breeders Association annual meeting, we were honored to receive the Service to Industry Award.




Meet the family

Dr. Michael & Cheri Moleski
733  Kinter Road
Bronson, Michigan 49028
Phone: (517) 369-3535