Christmas 2016



Meet the Alpers:  Shawn, Tricia, Bryce, Bryee and Maize

Part of the show crew, actually our prime motivators.

The Alpers make their home in Indianapolis. Tricia teaches High School English and History--she is Department head and teaches AP classes.  She loves her job and the kids she works with. Bryce is sixteen likes hiking, doing maintenance at the farm and shows, and is learning Krav Maga a high intensity marshall arts. He still loves coming to Grandpa and Grandma's and going to the shows. Bryee is twelve and loves the horses.  She drove cart this year for the first time and did really well.  She got most of our ribbons this year with driving, showmanship, decorating and judging.  She was second in decorating, fourth in Showmanship and 7th in Junior Cart at the World show where there were forty kids in each class. She keeps us all on our toes: CONSTANTLY. Both kids spent most of the summer on the farm and it was the best summer ever.


Meet Dustin, Annette and Chaz England:  The rest of the show crew

Annette is still working with the large and prestigious firm of Barnes and Thornburg.  Dustin is a chemical engineer at Specialty Coating Systems. Chaz is three and is getting into the whole show/farm scene as well as everything else he gets his hands on.


Meet the Moleskis:  Nick, Mallory, Jackson and Elaina

Nick went back to school and decided that he really likes geology, it also seems to have a very good job market. He has finished his masters. Jack is sixteen, drives them around now instead of dad, playing hockey on the high school team as a starter and excelling in school. He continues to enjoy hockey and does very well. Elaina is fourteen and likes hanging with friends.  Mallory works at Western Michigan University administration office in Grand Rapids where they are relocating in January. She also works on special mapping and categorizing projects. 


Meet the Mullens:  Alex, Rachel and Jacob

Alex is a for real doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Rachel teaches Spanish at a private school.  Jacob keeps them hopping.  He is a lovely happy six year old.  The twins: Noah and Isaac are four now and with three little boys in the house things are never dull. Alex and the twins made an appearance at the World Show.  Alex showed Eva the three year old for old time sake.


Meet the Myers:  Bret, Sonia, Jordan and Breckan

The stay at home crew without whom we couldn't go anywhere.

Bret is chief in charge of everything.  He takes care of the old folks all year round, we couldn't do this without him.  Jordan is a Junior at the University of Michigan college of engineering.  Breckan is sixteen and driving.  She is on the softball team at school. Bret broke the three year old Eva for Bryee to drive in cart this year.  Michael came down with the flu right before he was to leave for Milwaukee with the horses.  So for the first time in over 30 years, Bret went to a real horse show with Breckan.  He drove Eva in her very first cart class at a show and then did all the line classes. He decided that showing really was a lot of fun but also a lot of work. He has recently purchased an excavator and plans to go into business doing land management planning.  He also does computer and construction jobs.  You name it, he does it.


Meet the Wells:  Brian, Teresa and Pearl.

Best Friends you have become part of the family.  We have done some camping together and look forward to doing more.  

Teresa was our only ultrasound tech for a lot of years.  She held things together at the hospital for us until Michael retired. Teresa teaches both general and vascular ultrasound at Lansing Community College.  She also does per diem at the hospital.  Brian is now a board certified and licensed Mortician working in Coldwater.  They have their own motorhome and go camping a bunch now. Might need to get adjoining sites.


Meet the Tidds: Nathan, Kristin, Noah, Natalie and Keira more of our extended family.

Nathan used to keep our office computers running back before retirement. He is currently employed by NetComm doing way complicated stuff. Kristen manages high end Trust accounts. Natalie and Noah are both active in sports. They like camping and playing any kind of game. Keira likes everything.


Bonnie, Vasser and Elizabeth:  All gone but not forgotten.






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