Meet the Alpers:  Shawn, Tricia, Bryce, Bryee and Maize

Part of the show crew, actually our prime motivators.

The Alpers make their home in Indianapolis.  Shawn is in Human Resources with Rolls Royce.  He has recently moved up from the work force to the engineers at Rolls, quite a step up the corporate ladder. Tricia teaches High School English and loves it. Bryce is twelve likes hiking, catching critters and using his imagination  He still loves coming to Grandpa and Grandma's and going to the shows. Bryee is eight and involved in dance and riding.  She practices showing and riding every time she visits.  She keeps us all on our toes: CONSTANTLY.


Meet Dustin and Annette England:  The rest of the show crew

Annette is still doing collections with the large and prestigious firm of Barnes and Thornburg.  She and Dustin were married October 26th.  Annette continues to be active as part of the show crew.  The four of us went on a tour to Italy in April.  It was their honeymoon and part of the year long 60th birthday celebration for Cheri.


Meet the Moleskis:  Nick, Jackson and Elaina

Nick has gone back to school and has decided that he really likes geology, it also seems to have a very good job market.  Jack is twelve, in a special advanced classes and is excelling both scholastically and athletically.  He continues to enjoy hockey and does very well.  He went to the hockey camp at Michigan and is now a Go Blue fan.  Elaina is ten, likes gymnastics, singing, acting and hanging with Grandma.  


Meet the Mullens:  Alex, Rachel and Jacob

Alex is a for real doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  Alex has recently made the move to Petco which is a big practice change for him.  Rachel teaches Spanish at a private school.  Jacob keeps them hopping.  He is a lovely happy toddler who is soon to become big brother to twin boys.


Meet the Myers:  Bret, Emily, Jordan and Breckan

The stay at home crew without whom we couldn't go anywhere.

Bret is chief in charge of everything.  He takes care of the old folks all year round, we couldn't do this without him.  Jordan is driving now. He excels scholastically, still loves baseball, football, hunting and fishing. Breckan is twelve now and wants to continue doing showmanship and maybe riding.  She has now started gymnastics. Both kids love the farm and help Dad with chores.  Bret finished his degree Magna Cum Laude in computer science.  He has recently purchased an excavator and plans to go into business doing land management planning.  Emily is still going to school taking classes to complete her degree in dietary science.  She is currently employed at the Coldwater Hospital as part of their dietary staff.


Meet the Wells:  Brian and Teresa

Best Friends you have become part of the family.  We have done some camping together and look forward to doing more.  

Teresa was our only ultrasound tech for a lot of years.  She held things together at the hospital for us until Michael retired. Teresa teaches both general and vascular ultrasound at Lansing Community College.  She also does per diem at the hospital and helps out at the zoo.  Brian is now a board certified and licensed Mortician working in Coldwater.  We only got in one camping trip to Manistee.


Bonnie, Vasser and Elizabeth:  All gone but not forgotten.






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