Last update 3/24/2020

2019 has seen the arrival of the fanciest stud foals since Armageddon's Lord Lazarus.

It looks like the boys are going to shed out black!





Armageddon's Lord Adam  3/15/19

Westedge Major's Lucky  X  Armageddon's Mistress Adriel

Pictured at birth, first time up, first time, at three weeks and at 2 1/2 months. Bright red bay, four white legs and wide blaze, big drafty colt.  Full brother to Armageddon's Lord Ashur, 2018 World Champion Junior Clydesdale Stallion Foal.  He is for sale at weaning. He is priced at $3000.  

Adam is pictured after being shown by granddaughter Breckan Myers. He is exceptionally well behaved and she uses him in showmanship classes.  He continues to develop as a massive drafty beautiful red bay.

Adam is sold!!!



Armageddon's Lord Luke  3/29/19

Westedge Major's Lucky  x  Armageddon's Mistress Levana

Pictured at birth, first time up, first time out, at eleven days and 2 months.  Dark brown/black, leggy colt quite similar to Thaddeus, four white legs and a blaze. Dam is 17.3 and was shown for many years.  He is for sale at weaning.  He is priced at $2500.


Luke is sold!!!




Armageddon's Lord Mateus  4/7/19

Armageddon's Lord Lazarus  x  Armageddon's Mistress Myriam

Mateus is pictured all at one day of age, at birth, first time up, first time out and at 2 months.  Extraordinarily tall, dark brown/black fancy stud colt.  He has three white legs and a black strip on his left foreleg from just below the knee to the fetlock medially, the rest of the leg, foot and ankle are white.  Overall we believe he is our best foal of the year.  He is also for sale at weaning.  He is priced at $4500.

Mateus is sold!!!